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Welcome to Bloom Property Consultancy

We best consulting is a property related expert in the matter which advices professionally. Our consultant/Advisor is able to build a commercial relationship from another perspective with the client, because the our advisor/Consultant has a wide background and long year experience in this such matter.

This is why the consultant/advisor takes special attention for details, worries about the client’s needs, problems and expectations. The our consultant/advisor is studying client’s needs, problems and expectations , explore the options, filter the results and understand the right ways to choose the one which will better adapt to the client’s needs.


Client Satisfaction


Our mission

Provide Professional and Technical Excellence – Providing Professional and Technical Excellence to our clients is at the root of what we do. Continually improving our employees’ skills allows us to deliver on this core value.

Our vision

Act with Honesty and Integrity – It is expected of all employees to take personal responsibility for their standard of behavior and for the decisions they make every day.


Cultivate Long-Term Relationships with our Clients – We believe that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. By constantly delivering what we sell and adhering to our core values

Our Team

Sandeep Bhandare

President - 15 Yrs Exp

H.K. Ghoshal

Civil Engg. 34 Yrs.

Santosh Jadhav

LLB High Court -
10 Yrs Exp

Surendra Bulbule

Architect - 35 Yrs Exp
Our clients
Our clients